Solutions that are truly personalized

LIVEOP’s products are designed to give your organization greater control over crisis and incident management. Versatile, user-friendly, intuitive, and with an eye for detail.


Choose the products that suit you

Within the LIVEOP platform, you can select the products that meet your organization’s needs. So you only pay for what you need.

Ready to use

The LIVEOP platform is fully operational and ready for use. This means you can get started quickly without spending time and money on hosting and technical maintenance.

Seamless integration with external applications

The LIVEOP platform’s applications can be modularly acquired and are highly compatible with other systems.

Efficient collaboration

Effortlessly and in real-time, share information within your organization and with neighboring regions, thanks to LIVEOP’s unique solutions.

Incident- & crisis management


A centralized, personalized portal for the integration of risk dashboards and incident information.

  • Risk dashboards
  • Integration with PowerBI
  • Incident viewer


Mobile operational collaboration for incidents and crises.

  • Operational incident information
  • Geo-viewer
  • Live video streams
  • Real-time communication


Control the battlefield with our digital command center. Create, manage, and collect relevant information during incidents for optimal direction.

  • Coordination of incidents and crises
  • 3D Geo
  • Real-time intelligence

Navigation and fleet management


Optimal vehicle navigation with total control over your preferred routing.

  • User-friendly incident navigation for emergency services
  • Road and preferred route management
  • Roadblock management
  • Route and device monitoring
  • Routing based on vehicle profiles
  • Integration with smart traffic lights

Coordination and training


Advanced training module for realistic training scenarios.

  • Manage training incidents
  • Customized weather conditions
  • Reporting


Coordination of reconnaissance units and dangerous substances analysis

  • Coordination of measurement assignments
  • Analysis of measurement results
  • Management of instructional material


Maintain control during periods of extreme pressure with decentralized coordination.

  • Decentralized coordination of incidents and work assignments.
  • Insight into extreme weather conditions
  • Direct communication with vehicles in the field
  • Reporting

Process support and BI


Support event advice and risk classification.

  • Event management
  • Advice for emergency services and municipalities


Improve strategic decisions with smart questionnaires and reports.

  • Smart forms
  • Integration of external data sources
  • Integrate into ETL processes

Platform apps


Advanced management of geographical data

  • Geo-viewer
  • Support for 3D visualization
  • Customized map layers


Improve strategic decisions with smart questionnaires and reports.

  • Manage additional incident information
  • Automatically connect external data sources


Manage and consult documents and procedures.

  • Document and procedure management
  • Smart links for suggestions
  • Integration with SharePoint Online


Photo library with AI support for archive management.

  • Archive for operational media
  • Search by keywords, location, and image content
  • Location-based archiving

Admin Center

Independent management of your organization with advanced management tools.

  • User management
  • Advanced information security
  • Vehicle management
  • Personal user profiles
  • Single sign-on


Single sign-on

For optimal ease of use and security, single sign-on is a valuable addition. In the LIVEOP platform, you can link your own identity providers, allowing for easy login using your Microsoft 365 organizational accounts, for example.

Export data to your own processes

Data available in LIVEOP, such as vehicle positions or road closures, can easily be exported to your own data warehouse. This allows you to easily utilize the data collected through LIVEOP.

Share knowledge with other administrators

LIVEOP actively works to connect users and administrators to support mutual knowledge exchange. The LIVEOP user group is incredibly helpful and ambitious, so you will undoubtedly quickly reap the benefits.

Centrally connect your own information sources

LIVEOP enables you to utilize your own information sources and source systems, giving you full control over your information management. With powerful management tools, you can quickly and easily link these to the LIVEOP platform.

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